About Me

I’m Cristiana, born in Rio and living in Switzerland for the past 30 years.

After many years inside of an intimacy desert, I understood my body holds the key to the present moment . I want to transform people’s capacity to receive, perceive and give pleasure. The same way I did to myself.

I’m a certified Somatic Sexologist, somatic sexual Educator, Couple therapist SCES, with thousand of hours of practice in different bodies. I developed Bodyplease school and methods to expand your erotic presence, unleash orgasms and joy. I teach professionals seeking for a safe method to touch the sexual body of their clients and anyone wanting to learn about sexual empowerment through pleasure and expansion.

My practice is inclusive, non- discriminatory and culturally sensitive.

I’ve studied and practiced different body approaches with amazing masters and teachers: Mantak Chia, Joseph Kramer, Olivia Bryant, Bonnie Bliss, Barbara Denell, Sana Sanita, Matt Schwenteck, Susanne Roursgaard, Tiago Brumatti, Yuri Kotke, Paula Fernanda Tantra, Sasha Cobra, Somananda Tantra School, Peter Banki, to name a few. I honour them and our relationship. 

Member of  the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers worldwide and Somatic Sexology Institute of Latin America
Somatic Consent Engagement System Ambassador for Switzerland 

One-on-One Sessions

These Person-to Person or online private sessions are dedicated entirely to your needs. Each session is unique .

Workshops and
Professional Trainings

During the non professional workshops explore – in your body -De-Armouring, Sexy Vipassana, Sexological Bodywork® approaches. If you are a professional, learn how to integrate these somatic sexual modalities in your work.


The Art of Pleasure Classes

These are a series of sexy classes about human pleasure anatomy, physiology and quality touch. They are made to deepen your connection with partners and your own self in pleasure.