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20 min – 60 min
Private Call

CHF 300 = CHF120/hour

2 h 30 min

CHF 2’000 =
3 months coaching

5 Private Sessions

CHF 5’400 =
3 to 6 months coaching

10 Private Sessions

I recommend a series of long healing sessions spaced out over time. Most often from 3 to 6 months. Bodies need time to integrate transformation and to learn new habits.  Engaging in a series of sessions will give you the security and professional support needed during your transformation journey.

Discovery Sessions will bring you knowledge and kick start your process. 
5 sessions  will bring you deep learnings and confidence.
10 sessions will lead you to autonomy, self confidence, transformation.

Transformation pushes us out of our comfort zone. It’s safer to untangle with a dedicated professional. I guarantee you will learn techniques for a better connection with your sensual body. If after any of my private sessions packages, you don’t feel confident enough to integrate the transformation in your life, no matter the reason,  I’ll  give you free lifetime access to the weekly online Calls. This weekly calls will act as an extra support will help you to fully embody the process you started. This way, I will also continue to talk to you every week until you  feel confident and ready to embrace your new intimate life: you can ask questions, adjust and adapt on your pace.

My classes and sessions include a variety of educational modalities and Somatic Approaches such as breathwork, conscious movement, touch, erotic massage, Pelvic & Genital release bodywork, Scar Tissue Remediation, Self De-Armoring, Full Body De-Armoring (Tension Release), Empowering Massage, Orgasmic Yoga coaching. 


Code of Professional Conduct & Ethics

As a Certified Somatic Sexologist and Sexological Bodyworker, I follow the code of ethics from The ACSB