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20 min online free consultation

CHF 0.00

20 min

First Discovery Initial Session

CHF 180.00

90 min

Unique price for all 2 hours sessions

CHF 300.00

120 min

Unique price for all full body massages ( including genitals)

CHF 490.00

3h30 min

Taoist belly or heart massage

CHF 150.00

60 min

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A one-off healing session can bring a lot in itself but I recommend a series of long healing sessions spaced out over time to bring a more integrated transformation in terms of a supported process to increase sensitivity, release tension and open up to greater awareness of your potential for pleasure in these areas. Each follow up session in these packages includes continued de-armouring work on your pelvis as well as either your genitals or anus/rosetta as you choose. These special Prices are valid until end of March.


Sexual Packages 3

CHF 400.00

3 Hours

Sexual Packages 5

CHF 499.00

5 Hours

Sexual Packages 10

CHF 1’100.00

10 Hours

Sexual Packages 30

CHF 3000.00

30 Hours

Sexual Follow up packs, available exclusively for regular students

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Follow up Start

CHF 350.00

3 Hours

Follow up Medium

CHF 650.00

6 Hours

SPECIAL MASTER PATH, available after 10 sessions

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Follow up Premium

CHF 150.00

90 min