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20 min online free consultation

CHF 0.00

20 min

First Discovery Initial Session

CHF 180.00

90 min

Unique price for all 2 hours sessions

CHF 300.00

120 min

Taoist belly or heart massage

CHF 150.00

60 min


Contact me here or by phone   to book special offers & packages. Prices valid until 31/12/2021.

I recommend a series of long healing sessions spaced out over time. Most often from 3 to 6 months. Bodies need time to integrate transformation and to learn new habits.  Engaging in a series of sessions will give you the security and professional support needed during your transformation journey.

5 hours will bring you knowledge and kick start your process. 
10 hours will bring you deep learnings and confidence.
30 hours ( equivalent to 10 -15 long sessions) will lead you to autonomy, self confidence, transformation.

Last and not least:
Once you become my regular student (10 hours), you get access to the private student group and you will also get up to 50% discount on my group retreats, trainings, online events or classes. 


Sexual Packages 3

CHF 400.00

3 Hours

Sexual Packages 5

CHF 599.00

5 Hours

Sexual Packages 10

CHF 1’100.00

10 Hours

Sexual Packages 30

CHF 3000.00

30 Hours

Special offer ONLY for 10 & 30 hours students 

Contact me directly to book this package.

Follow up 

CHF 345.00

3 Hours