Have you ever felt distress caused by the mismatch between your body and your gender identity? Do you think pleasure is unreachable? Is it too painful to regret your choices? Discover how somatic sexology can help you connect with your body and sexuality in a very positive way. Re-learn to enjoy you, exactly the way you are..

“The reality of living in a body that is constantly changing and requires constant attention has been exhausting. It’s a struggle to keep up with the pace of changes, to learn different ways to feel pleasure, and to see myself as I always wanted to be. The mental and physical challenges towards pleasure are immense and have left me feeling numb at times”.

Sony, 48 , Lausanne

Pain during sexual intercourse affects 46% to 88% of the transgender population after gender confirmation surgeries or genital alignment

( Carmen Kloer | Augustus Parker | Gaines Blasdel | Samantha Kaplan | Lee Zhao | Rachel Bluebond-Langner)
The truth is, it takes time to get to know your body and its unique routes to pleasure. However, many transgender individuals are unfamiliar with orgasm and feel pressure to achieve it in a normative way or to endure discomfort.
I can support you in leading a more fulfilling life by teaching natural and genuine intimacy, free from anxiety and frustration, regardless of whether you are transitioning or de-transitioning. You deserve to feel good in your body.



The only complete method to help you make peace with your body, feel pleasure, permanently


Feel more sensations and conquer challenges with personalized exercises that amplify your physical abilities and pleasure. Watch as your body’s capacity for pleasure increases over time.


Explore your sensuality, expand your touch repertoire, and refine the quality of your touch with personal coaching sessions tailored to your needs. Discover what brings you pleasure and how you desire to be touched. Find more satisfaction in life!


Learn how to trust yourself and allow your nervous system to be trained for maximum pleasure. Sustain this state in all life circumstances, whether alone or with a partner, and experience more powerful orgasms, joy, and fulfillment.


Sony, 48 , Lausanne, Switzerland

“Transitioning has been a long and super painful road for me. While I was over the moon with happiness after my surgery, the reality of living in a body that is constantly changing and requires constant attention has been exhausting. The weight of the transition years felt heavy.  It’s a struggle to keep up with the pace of changes, to learn different ways to feel pleasure, and to see myself as I always wanted to be. The mental and physical challenges towards pleasure are immense and have left me feeling numb at times. It’s difficult to be present in the moment and enjoy the journey when there are so many battles to fight. But with the help of Cristiana’s program and her empathy, I’ve been able to work through these challenges and finally find a greater sense of peace and acceptance with my body and myself. Pleasure is possible and it is healing”
Andie, 31 , Geneva, Switzerland

“It was the fastest and simpler coming out of my life, when I met Cristiana in a private party.
Being transgender, it sometimes feels that you are constantly fighting battles when it comes to your medical care. Cristiana is such a breath of fresh air. The straight foward language and program anchored me to the present moment. She is a professional that genuinely understands the transgender community and values the opportunity to contribute towards changing transgender lives.”

Anitta, Manaus, Brazil
“I underwent gender confirmation (MTF) and breast augmentation surgery in Thailand 18 weeks ago. When I returned home, I felt very lonely and was unsure if I would receive the support I needed. That’s when I saw Cristiana’s advertisement and decided to give her online program a chance. It turned out to be the best decision I could have made, and I encourage everyone to try it.The sooner you can!”
Judith, 39, São Paulo
We have been working together for three months now, speaking every week. I bought the 10 sessions online program. Cristiana supports me with touch, breathing and other pleasurable, fun and easy exercises, accountability, and her positive and welcoming vibes. Whenever I ask for advice or need something checked, she makes me feel special. Through this journey, I have learned so much about myself and experienced different types of orgasms. It has been a pleasure working with her, filled with many laughs and tears. Thank you, dear. I love you!”

Using cutting edge neuroplasticity and body awareness practices, pleasure training, touch skills education, self pelvic massage techniques, pleasure anatomy education and gentle guided audio sessions, you have the tools to explore your own internal world in the comfort of your home.

This allows you to go at your own pace and expand your capacity for internal sensitivity and deeper orgasms over time, without needing to keep paying every year for practitioner countless sessions.

Here's may feel lost in your desire:

A lot of pelvic tension, which impacts blood flow

When there’s less blood flow in the area, we’re less likely to feel sensitivity and pleasure, which will make orgasm more difficult.

You might not be ‘warmed up’ enough

for the arousal processes to be happening and to fully relax into the experience. Trans bodies need time to be aroused enough for pleasure , More time to soften, to receive and to allow your bodies to open into it. (It can take quite a few minutes just to get warmed up properly!) Foreplay!

Maybe you’re with someone who is just focused on their own pleasure or sometimes intimacy interaction is just over too soon

Gender dysphoria can make it difficult for individuals to connect with their own bodies. There’s no such thing as a transition that is fast and easy. If your partner is pretty focused on getting to their own goal, and they’re not that interested in giving you pleasure, it’s likely that intimacy isn’t going to feel great for you (and of course you won’t feel self-confident !)

Numbness may be present:

Body awareness (proprioception) is the ability to feel your body’s position and movements in space. Trans folks may find it hard to connect with their bodies, so improving body awareness can help with this. You can do this through breathing exercises, movement, and guided meditation.

Anxiety and stress:

Gender dysphoria can cause anxiety and stress, which can be exacerbated by the physical and emotional changes associated with transition.

Lack of information on pleasure:

Transition can result in significant physical and emotional changes that can impact sexuality. Pleasure education is almost inexistent , making it even more difficult for individuals to accept and love themselves as they are.

Somatic sexology is an approach that focuses on the connection
between the body and sexuality, and can thus be a useful tool to help individuals in
transition , De transition or suffering from gender dysphoria.


I am an experienced Somatic Sexologist. I can help you reconnect with your intimacy, deepen your relationships, release blockages, and overcome sexual challenges to enjoy a fulfilling, epic sex life, regardless of your age or life stage.

In this program, I have included over 6 hours of training and practice, the best of the best, to help you have truly mind-blowing intimacy with a partner.

My program is based on the latest research in somato-sexology and neuroplasticity. These studies have shown that by focusing on our physical and emotional sensations, we can unlock a deeper understanding of ourselves and our desires.

My approach is inclusive and secure. Join me for a journey of self-discovery, joy, growth, and pleasure!!