somatic sexology

Would you like to Access Deeper Intimacy, Pleasure

& Body Confidence? 


pleasure is
your birth right

What if you could transform your love life in just 3 months, easily starting from where you are now ?

My program offers world-class training to help individuals and couples improve intimacy, physical sensations, and connection.
Start today to overcome the challenges & to enjoy feeling pleasure.


Nervous System Training For Pleasure

If You Want to Transform your intimacy into more joyful, even more pleasant, physical sensations & connection, you can learn how! 

Rediscover the Fun, Ease, Playfulness and delicious sensations, with this 3 step Proven Method of training which has already transformed the lives of thousands of couples and Individuals around the world.

Pleasure Is A Skill That Can Be Learned in 

3 Steps : For Couples & Individuals 


EXPAND your body sensations, OVERCOME  challenges, ENJOY mapping your body. Train your nervous system, with tailor made fun , delicious exercises and grow your natural capacity to FEEL more physical sensations & pleasure in your body. You will be surprised by your body’s capacity to feel every time more and more pleasure.



CREATE & GROW your touch repertoire , REFINE your touch quality .What do you really like and how do you want to be touched?
 These private online pleasure coaching sessions are entirely dedicated to your needs. EXPLORE your erotic self .
This will bring more pleasure into your life…GUARANTEED!.



 SUSTAIN your pleasure for as long as you want and deeply CONNECT with your erotic self , and learn how to maintain your pleasure active in all life circonstances. Solo or with your intimate partner. Training your nervous system for pleasure will make you EXPERIENCE more powerful orgasms, joy and fulfilment.

The Very Exclusive Bodyplease Coaching

Bodyplease Coaching is a world-class program that teaches you skills and techniques to improve your intimate life, including the revamped Orgasmic Yoga System, Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Consent training.

It provides a secure and ethical environment to explore sexual concerns and offers therapy for issues such as sexual blockages, loss of interest, post-birth, post-operations, menopause, or intimacy challenges.

The program trains your nervous system to feel more pleasure, for longer, beyond the bedroom. You’ll learn how to communicate your desires, respect your boundaries, and transform your love life. Couples’ sessions are also available for exploring conscious touch at home.

Transform your love life today with Bodyplease Coaching!


There have been so many transformative shifts while working with you. Every session I go home with a deeper understanding and powerful tools. Our meetings have really been helpful.I’m a new person.”

J.O., 35, PRIVATE SESSIONS, Switzerland

“I’m used to show myself in swingers parties…but this…wow… this is deep intimacy!! Very powerful tools. My body feels more. I feel my gland again and I’m finally true to myself. I learned to respect myself. So healing and…I cry, pure pleasure.”


“This is the first time in my life I feel something else then pain or problems in my body. Never ever believed I could feel joy in my body, even pleasure. Never thought this was possible. Now I say: Ahhhhhhhhhhh and I feel immediately relaxed”.


About Me

I’m Cristiana, and have become an orgasmic woman.
After struggling for years, with sexual challenges, talk therapy and with intimate relationship, I realized that my body was the key to living in the moment. I trained my nervous system to feel more pleasure, and generated a delicious change. I want to help others do the same, so I developed the Bodyplease method. It can expand your erotic presence and unleash orgasms in a sustainable, joyful way.
The method is suitable for professionals, couples and individuals seeking sexual empowerment through pleasure and expansion.

My practice is inclusive, non- discriminatory and culturally sensitive.

I’ve studied and practiced different body approaches with amazing masters and teachers: Mantak Chia, Joseph Kramer, Olivia Bryant, Bonnie Bliss, Barbara Denell, Sana Sanita, Matt Schwenteck, Susanne Roursgaard, Tiago Brumatti, Yuri Kotke, Paula Fernanda Tantra, Sasha Cobra, Somananda Tantra School, Peter Banki, to name a few. I honour them and our relationship. 

Member of  the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers worldwide and Somatic Sexology Institute of Latin America
Somatic Consent Engagement System Ambassador for Switzerland