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Reviving your sex drive

Reviving your sex drive sessions:

Imagine your sexlife wasn’t just better. Imagine it simply amazing. How would that affect your life? And if you’re going through hard times with momentaneous troubles like:  premature or retarded ejaculation, blue balls, vaginismus, not allowing yourself to orgasm, feeling inexplicable pain during any kind of sexual expression….Imagine you’re free from all those troubles and just enjoy? Is it real?  

These LIVE! online group and private sessions are like secrets shared through a combination of theory and practices, as both are important to create lasting changes. I create an intimate space, where i share many pathways, ideas, theories,techniques, exercises, practices to  amazing orgasms and great sex.  The theory part helps you understand yourself, the functionalities, the body, your sexuality. The practical part helps you to embody, anchor these ideas, providing you long lasting changes and transformation. 

All  LIVE! sessions are about igniting your pleasure life. Alone or with a partner (s). I designed them to help you become more expressive, empowered, better connected with your life force, with your own body. Masculine or feminine anatomical body. whatever state of this journey you are at – whether you’re already multi-orgasmic, have never had an orgasm or experience difficulties to feel orgasmic, to last longer in pleasure. Your experience of sexuality will transform.

28 October 2021

Sexual liberation & Self De-armouring for men (ENG-FR)

This session is open to all men. In all sexual stages of their lives. Fully multi ...

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
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When you book a LIVE! session, I will send you details about setting up your space for the optimal experience. Then, Clothes on, meeting me: introductions and explanations on how it all works.  Please have in mind the session isn’t a space for voyeurism or exhibitionism and nobody in pleasure will be visible to any others in the session. No cameras, no microphones. Only the facilitator is visible ( and I keep my clothes on) .  When the practice is finished, we meet ( clothes on) for a debrief. These are guided, safe personal experiences: alone or with your partner. It is not about reaching orgasm or any type of climax, it is about exploring new ways to pleasure with your hands (of course, if you happen to orgasm/come, that is welcome).

HOW:  Zoom (with registration)

CAMERAS:  We use cameras during introduction and debrief, clothes on. No cameras, no microphone during the pleasure practices.

HEADPHONES & MICROPHONES:  It’s preferable if you’ve got a combined headset with microphone for the intro and  group debrief.

TWO PEOPLE PER LAPTOP?:  Welcome. Note that practices are designed for individuals, except couples classes.

SPACE/ROOM:  You will need a quiet room, free from distractions, doors and windows closed. A space you’re safe and secure.

TIMING AND BREAKS:   Zoom is great…my long sessions can be tiring and i’ll include some small breaks, if needed.

LATE ARRIVALS:  Workshops will be locked to new entrants a few minutes after the advertised start time.