Coaching being individual, your investment can vary according to the number and duration of sessions. Often between 5 and 10 individual sessions. Sessions can last 1h, 2 hours or even 5 hours depending on your needs. Sessions are mainly online, at your home or in Switzerland. SPECIAL USA WINTER from November 2022 february 23: In person sessions in Brewer-Bangor (USA).

Investment: between $1’600 and 3’000$ for the whole private online coaching period. For in person sessions in USA the range is from 2’250$ and 4’000$ depending on what you decide.


This winter, I’m in bangor/Brewer ( Maine USA). So…small group sessions + sauna available here. Please get in touch with me. When I’m in Switzerland I often give small group classes. Maximum 4 participants, in the center of Lausanne, at Flon. Please contact me via whatsapp /email/phone for the updated program! Orgasmic Yoga, Selfie Reflexology and Sexy Vipassana: often on Sundays.

Investment: 65$ for 2 hours. Subscriptions for 4 classes (8 hours) on request, at 300$.


The discovery sessions will give you knowledge about the process, myself, and above all, if this is really what you want. It also allows you to discover some specific practices, or to reassure you about the place, myself or even the topics. It can be the starting point of your journey.

Investment: CHF250.- for solo sessions (2h) or CHF300 for couples session (2h30min).

Private orgasmic yoga sessions are held online. Fundamentally, orgasmic yoga invites bodily and self-aware empowerment. Guided practice sessions involve breathing, felt sense, sound, movement, touch, attention placement and awareness of intention. Orgasmic yoga is practiced wherever you are – alone or with companions of your choice. You’ll love it!
Investment: CHF50 for the solo discovery sessions or CHF550 for the pack of 5 private sessions of 1 hour (up to 3 people online)


I want to take my pleasure seriously

I offer a 45-60 minutes entirely free session FOR YOU. I believe this is the only way you can evaluate if I can be the support person you’re looking for. NO selling pitch. This is a place to grow, discuss, evaluate, exchange, meet.

Payment Plans available. The fees for Somatic Sexology are not reimbursed by insurance companies in Switzerland. I can be mobile, but travel is not included in my fees. Discovery sessions can be deducted from the coaching program. 


I’m proud to be part of the innovative community of Somatic Sexologists and Sex Educators. I fully comply to the Code of Professional Conduct & Ethics from The ACSB