The Cervix Serpent


The Cervix Serpent™ is our best selling glass pleasure wand, designed intentionally for internal de-armouring, vaginal self-massage and releasing pelvic tension. It’s long enough to reach the cervix and it has a bulbous end for stimulating the g-zone.


What’s the difference between the 1.0 and the 2.0?

When ordering you have two options:

  1. The Cervix Serpent™ 1.0 has a smooth, smaller sphere head and a thicker tip (than the 2.0) at the opposite ribbed end.
  2. The Cervix Serpent™ 2.0 has a larger egg-shaped, serpent-like head with three ridges for G-Zone stimulation, a finer point for targeted cervical de-armouing, as well as more pronounced ribbed swirls for pleasure.

If you experience vaginal pain, tension or numbness during sex or self pleasure, doing a gentle de-armouring practice (I teach it in The Golden Yoni Membership: join here) can help release and soften knots of tension and numbness inside the vagina, which will lead to more pleasure and orgasmic potential.

The Cervix Serpent™ is extra long, with a long S-shape bend following the natural shape of a woman’s vagina. It's important to have a long wand so it's easy to hold onto and manoeuvre internally.

To learn a little more about The Cervix Serpent Wand check out Rosie Rees’ YouTube video here!


Each package comes with:

  • The Cervix Serpent™ pleasure wand with our gorgeous branded pouch.
  • Choose between the 1.0 or the 2.0 model. The 1.0 has a smaller, sphere-shaped bulbous end and a thicker opposite end, whereas the 2.0 has a larger egg-shaped bulbous end with ridges and a finer tip with more defined ripples for pleasure.
  • Dimensions 1.0: Approximately 25.3cm long x 3.1cm (bulbous end) x 2cm (thinner end)
  • Dimensions 2.0: Approximately 25.5cm long x 3.7cm (bulbous end) x 1.8cm (thinner end)
  • Free access to women’s private Facebook group: Yoni Pleasure Palace
  • Brochure with instructions
  • We ship globally from our Perth location in Western Australia
  • Discrete packaging
  • Option to our our goddess box for safe keeping


  • Made of 100% borosilicate glass
  • Hypoallergenic and body-safe
  • Light-weight and extra long for easy insertion and removal
  • Non-porous and imperfection-free
  • Temperature play (can be heated or cooled)


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