Selfie Wand


How can I have internal orgasms?

The Selfie Wand is a direct route to deeper pleasure.
Your purchase includes:

Delivery in Europe and a monthly online course on the BodyPlease Method to feel every inch of pleasure in your vaginal canal and how to safely use your Selfie Wand.

You also get access to the private group, where you get all your questions answered by me and you will meet other women in the same journey.



The Selfie Wand:

tempered glass wand. Easy to clean with neutral soap.

The Class:
You’ll use breath, movement, sound and touch to explore deep into the core of your pelvic presence and sensual source of life. Unlocking and de-armouring tension in your body and relaxing to allow protective walls to soften, or even come down.

It will be sensual, intimate, and joyful, as well as provide a safe space to lovingly meet any fears, resistance, and emotions. It feels very intimate and sacred. A very special moment shared amongst women.
Internal reflexology or self-de-armouring is often the beginning of a profound change in many people with a vagina. Please contact me if you’re going through an emotional crisis, have a prolapse, sensitive scar tissues, if you are pregnant, have low blood pressure or have had any previous epileptic fits.

- greater sensitivity in all levels
- releases old pains
- releases old fears, limiting beliefs
- increases internal awareness, focus capacity
- increases self-confidence, self empowerment
- deep emotional cleanse
- deeper intimacy in relationships
- greater contact with yourself, your body
- nurture Your Inner Child
- inspires you to act towards your needs first
- reconnect with the beauty and joy of life
- reclaim Your Juicy, Joyful, Authentic Self!
- access to deeper and higher levels of orgasm

Recommendation: 1 session per month during 5 months or when needed.

- living anatomy of the vulva using your Wand
- awakening of the hands and the vulva

You Will Need:
-A little bit of coconut oil or other lubricant of your choice.
- 2 towels or Pareos (one to cover yourself and one to lie on)
-Your yoga mat or a mat, or...your bed.
- A quiet, preferred location where you can close the door and not be disturbed for 1 hour
- Your Selfie Wand 😉


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