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Would you like to Access Deeper Intimacy, Pleasure

& Body Confidence? 


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It’s About Making A Transition From Where You Are Now To Being Someone Who Takes Their Pleasure Seriously.
Fast and Easy with Short Term Transformative Body Centred Therapies for Couples, Individuals, Small Groups.




 Somatic Sexology & Body Approaches

How Can You Get Out of Your Thoughts and feel Pleasure in your skin again, be more alive?

I  Support You to Release Shame & Numbness,  Access Deeper Intimacy & Body Confidence, Respecting Your Desires and Limits.

You will Observe and Feel your Transformation through Mindful, Consensual, Erotic Therapeutical Practices. It can include coaching in emotion regulation, distress and pain during intimacy tolerance, breath, movement, body awareness, boundary-setting, communication, anatomy, sensate focus, massage, compulsive behaviors related to your sexuality, erotic trance, Full Body De- Armouring and sexual cognitive behavioural therapy – SCBT. All sessions are within the Somatic Engagement System, 100% inclusive, for all individuals, sexual and erotic expressions. I take your pleasure seriously.

Pleasure is a skill that can be learned:

for couples, individuals, or small groups. 

Private Coaching

 Solo, Partner or Couple Program
These private face-to-face or online short therapy sessions are entirely dedicated to your needs. Sessions are safe spaces for erotic expressions, intimacy expansion and to grow your Body Confidence. 


Small Groups

During the trainings, explore new meditation approaches in your body, like Sexy Vipassana®. Or try liberating techniques like De-Armouring, Sexological Bodywork®, or Somatic Engagement System®.


Internal Reflexology

All you need for Self Reflexology
Crystal Glass handmade wands sold with a live course and an ebook for self genital reflexology, cervix pleasure activation, Gspot & Squirting activation or Anus gentle & soothing methods for relaxation. For all bodies.

What are the differences between Somatic Sexology, Tantra and Sex Therapy?

SOMATIC SEXOLOGY is at the forefront of recent developments in the field of human sexuality. Little known, it is a coaching approach, in which the content, agreements and process of each consultation are determined by the client’s request and consent. It provides a framework, a code of ethics and a solid scientific basis for sexual touching. Somatic sexologists are often referred by psychologists or physicians to support talk therapy around sexual blockages, loss of libido, repulsion to touch, intimacy issues, disconnection to the pleasure body. In-cabinet sexology sessions provide an inclusive, exclusive and safe environment also for couples who wish to explore conscious touch. Certified sexologists are also knowledgeable educators about trauma and sexual health. They follow strict ethical guidelines that require gloves to be worn and clothing to be maintained while the client is present. They are supervised by colleagues and can refer to them at any time.

TANTRA, the ancient art of rebels from a rigid Eastern religious system, is practiced today in the West primarily to deepen the binary, non-inclusive experience of sexuality. Breathwork, partner massage, and the depths of the masculine and feminine, in self-exploration and with a partner, can be quite beautiful things. The spiritual side that comes with the Tantra experience also offers an amazing community of sensitive people. Tantric massage is a fixed massage ritual, in which sensual and erotic experience is made possible. The Tantric therapist has no mandatory touch protocol, nor is there an obligation to adhere to any code of ethics, trauma-based or active consent approaches to touch. Often the client does not know or does not have the knowledge to express their desires throughout the sessions.  

SEXOTHERAPY is usually practiced by a licensed therapist who has taken additional certification to further their skills in sexuality and intimacy. Sometimes they are psychologists or physicians. Talk therapy is the basis of this modality -no touching-not a body approach- and whether the therapist decides to incorporate trauma therapy skills depends on their personal experience. You will find that these sessions focus primarily on lifestyle changes and interpersonal communication skills. To talk about sexuality, sexuality-related problems, or sexual blocks, this modality is often the only known safe entry point.


There have been so many transformative shifts while working with you. Every session I go home with a deeper understanding and powerful tools. Our meetings have really been helpful.I’m a new person.”

J.O., 35, PRIVATE SESSIONS, Switzerland

“I’m used to show myself in swingers parties…but this…wow… this is deep intimacy!! Very powerful tools. My body feels more. I feel my gland again and I’m finally true to myself. I learned to respect myself. So healing and…I cry, pure pleasure.”


“This is the first time in my life I feel something else then pain or problems in my body. Never ever believed I could feel joy in my body, even pleasure. Never thought this was possible. Now I say: Ahhhhhhhhhhh and I feel immediately relaxed”.


About Me

I’m Cristiana, born in Rio and living in Switzerland for the past 30 years.

After many years inside of an intimacy desert, I understood my body holds the key to the present moment . I want to transform people’s capacity to receive, perceive and give pleasure. The same way I did to myself.

I’m a certified Somatic Sexologist, somatic sexual Educator, Couple therapist SCES, with thousand of hours of practice in different bodies. I developed Bodyplease school and methods to expand your erotic presence, unleash orgasms and joy. I teach professionals seeking for a safe method to touch the sexual body of their clients and anyone wanting to learn about sexual empowerment through pleasure and expansion. Before this journey here, I had built a successful career in Graphic design, having my own company and studied in wow places like ECAL, MIT, EPFL. I’m a specialist in new reading experiences.

My practice is inclusive, non- discriminatory and culturally sensitive.

I’ve studied and practiced different body approaches with amazing masters and teachers: Mantak Chia, Joseph Kramer, Olivia Bryant, Bonnie Bliss, Barbara Denell, Sana Sanita, Matt Schwenteck, Susanne Roursgaard, Tiago Brumatti, Yuri Kotke, Paula Fernanda Tantra, Sasha Cobra, Somananda Tantra School, Peter Banki, to name a few. I honour them and our relationship. 

Member of  the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers worldwide and Somatic Sexology Institute of Latin America
Somatic Consent Engagement System Ambassador for Switzerland