I teach body experiences designed to heal, nurture, deepen and awaken the sensual self. 


somatic sexology

online – in person

Sexological bodywork®, de-armouring and coaching sessions that allow you to learn, grow and fully embrace your body’s erotic expressions. Interested in learning how to allow more pleasure in your life and free yourself once and for all?



Somatic Sexology

Most of the learning in somatic sexology takes place during your personal practice sessions.
Profound embodied learning happens when we repeat a practice mindfully over time. 
Mindful erotic practice is the primary method I teach.

Integrate New Habits

How many years have you been masturbating in the same way? Free yourself from rigid or addictive behaviour patterns. Toys, fantasies or any other sex addictions. Release stuck emotions, traumatic memories from the body.

Sexual Dysfunctions

Heal forever: lack of interest in or desire for sex, pain with intercourse, 
premature & retarded ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, testicles pain, no orgasm, dryness. Re-sensitize wounded, damaged or forgotten zones in the genitals. 


Orgasm Expansion

Learn pleasure anatomy and explore “edging”: Enjoy the altered states of consciousness for longer periods, separating ejaculation form orgasms, energy orgasms, urethral, cervical, clitoris, prostate, anus, nipples, throat, balls, heart orgasms.

PranaSanna NT

Friday's session

There have been so many transformative shifts while working with you. Every session I go home with a deeper understanding and powerful tools. Our meetings have really been helpful.I’m a new person.”

J.O., Female body, 35

“I’m used to show myself in swingers parties…but this…wow… this is deep intimacy!! Very powerful tools. My body feels more. I feel my gland again and I’m finally true to myself. I learned to respect myself. So healing and…I cry, pure pleasure. “
V.L., male body, 54

 “This is the first time in my life I feel something else then pain or problems in my body. Never ever believed I could feel joy in my body, even pleasure. Never thought this was possible. Now I say: Ahhhhhhhhhhh and I feel immediately relaxed”.

S.K., transgender, 45

About Me

I’m Cristiana, born in Rio and living in Switzerland for the past 30 years.
I teach body experiences designed to heal, nurture, deepen and awaken the sensual self.

I realized I’d never get all I needed in life only using my brain. There was more truth in my body than in my mind. I want to expand people’s capacity to receive, perceive and give pleasure. 
With my accurate observation capacity, I can sense and see micro movements of the bodies, perceiving where each body holds tensions that block pleasure to flow.

 I’ve studied and practiced different body approaches with amazing masters and teachers. I’m a Somatic Sexual Educator, somatic sexologist and Dearmoring practitioner with hundreds of hours of practice in different bodies.

From design savvy and Entrepreneur to somatic sexologist:   I’m a new woman. The process untangled deep pathways to pleasure, not only in my body but in my entire life.




Inspiration for Self-Love

Crystal handmade wands for internal self-dearmoring & cervix pleasure activation