Private Sessions

Reclaim and honour your pleasure

One-on-One Sessions

I propose different One-on-One sessions: All meant to support you on your erotic, intimate or sexual journey . Come ready to sense your body in different ways and prepare to leave empowered and relaxed. 

Our work together is an ongoing process of co creation that rescues your body consciousness, stimulates sensuality and increases vital energy. It ignites your aliveness, plenitude, joy and your orgasmic capacity. No matter your gender, age, erotic choices.

It will require from you the willingness to dare to ask for what you desire. And very probably try different movements, sounds, breaths. You will show up for yourself, to self care and be self responsible, to see and be seen. You will confront your resistances and get out of your comfort zone.

 All this in order for you, to step in your growth zone, feel more your entire body, grow in confidence, awareness. Through the sessions you will experience a positive mindset change towards your body and choices…and will integrate new habits.

Sessions do NOT include sexual services such as intercourse or exchange of bodily fluids of any kind, kissing etc.

What’s a Sexological Bodywork
(SBW) ?

Sexological Bodywork is an integrative method to accompany people in making new experiences with their bodies, sensations and sexuality. The method is extraordinary to guide people towards their own sexual empowerment, body confidence and dysfunctions liberation 

Certified Sexological Bodyworkers (CSB) are somatic sex educators. If they continue studying and pass the exams, they become Somatic sexologists or professional coachs (my case). We work assisting individuals, couples and groups to deepen their experience of erotic embodiment using a variety of educational modalities such as breathwork, movement, erotic massage, pelvic release, scar tissue remediation, somatic consent and Orgasmic Yoga coaching.

Sexological Bodywork is for people who wish to have a fulfilling and enriching sex life, who regard sexuality as an on-going opportunity for learning and development, who take new directions in their sexuality and intimacy and expand their erotic potential.

It’s all about taking responsibility over your sexuality, your power, your very own journey.  

It is advisable to work with a Sexological Bodywork practitioner for a certain period. This period may last between 3 and 6 months or longer. SB’s will guide, serve and witness your transformation and success. They act like coaches. You’re not alone. And you learn how to enjoy your erotic states, your body and all bodies, much more.

If you want to know more, you can check the latest Netflix series “Sex, Love and Goop”. You will see examples on how a session can be. 

What’s Sexual Body Approaches ?

A key to greater sensitivity, internal pleasure pleasure awareness, sexual empowerment and orgasms.

BodyPlease Sexual Body Approaches is a coherent and complete system designed to regenerate body sensations and body confidence, it’s an exploration that takes your erotic pleasure to the next level. 

We will be experiencing working entirely through pleasure. It brings loving attention to areas of tension, not forcing through armour with brute force but inviting the body to open up through good sensations. 

With the BP approaches you will learn to use the conscious application of breath, touch,  self-touch, touch with a dildo, sound and movement to work with the whole body, the inner-sexual areas and genitals, outer body – as well, without hard pressure on the tissue, neither catharsis, no pushing at all..

Depending on what you’re ready to release we will work together on different areas: Neck/throat, vagina, penis, cervix, prostate, the pelvic bowl, forgotten zones: liver, pancreas, kidneys, stomach, intestines, bladder, lungs, heart, uterus, testicles, ovaries, anus and breasts.

Benefits: Bye bye various old pains, blockages, and traumas stored in your system, leaving you deeply relaxed, velvety, and vibrant. When stagnated pain patterns transform and transcend into the free flowing movement of life force energy, you experience true, orgastic pleasure. 

Your body then is ready to explore edging, enjoy longer orgasmic altered states of consciousness.

taking your pleasure seriously and authentically is an opportunity to reconnect with the beauty and joy of life on all levels, regardless social statements, gender, sexual choices and identities.


What happens in a Session?

We build your session together. There will be movement, sound, breathing techniques, touch, vibrations, music, blissful and very probably altered states of consciousness. 

Nudity isn’t mandatory and as well as genital touch it is gradually encouraged. We will start with 10-15 min talk, then exercises that will ignite your sensual-self. You will learn and practice on yourself and at the end you will have some time on your own to integrate the benefits of the practices. Sometimes there will be some theory explained around the pleasure anatomy, the somatic engagement system, erotic communication.

This journey is for you if you want to take your pleasure and your erotic identities seriously. In one session you will sense your potential and will feel your power. Usually you will need 5 to 10 sessions to liberate your limiting beliefs.


Cristiana Bolli Freitas

How It Works

How long does a session last?

-Typically all my sessions lasts between two and three hours and includes a counseling discussion, bodywork and integration phase.
-Orgasmic Breathwork sessions or PranaSanna NTB breathwork sessions is 60 min.

Longer sessions are available on request. 

About LGBTIQ+, gender & sexual choices, erotic identities

Sexual pleasure is a birth right. I am committed to and with people wnating to take their pleasure and sexuality seriously. I’m specially concerned by LGBTIQ+ life .

Strengthened by my field experiences and by my ethical commitments, engagements towards an ethical code by the american and latino american somatic sexology institutes,  I offer non-judgmental, respectful, caring and qualified welcome and spaces for people of sexual and erotic diversity and gender plurality. I also give somatic support to trans friends and families. Expressing our birth right isn’t alwasy easy and many of us may encounter internal or external pressures and discordances that can put them in crisis. Getting support, as a parent couple or as a family, allows to find a better balance.

I have no trauma, no issues, just want to become more orgasmic. Can I come?

You’re welcome exactly as you are. Usually when joining the pleasure process people go out of their comfort zone and explore unknown zones. It feels safe to be guided. If needed you know you have the support to be held. 

What do I need to be naked during a session?

-You can come as you are. If you are more comfortable fully clothed, this is no problem. Most sessions are conducted with partial clothing,  undergarments or naked.

Do I need a penis De-Armouring? What is this?

The penis is the most vulnerable body part of a body, and due to shame, guilt, ridicule, and bullying, it collects and holds stress and tension, contracts, sometimes shrinks in size and  the flow of power can reduce. This affects your emotions, your mindset and desires. Keeping up with everything and performing in order to please with the hope of getting some pleasure ….is a straight road for building a strong armour that will day by day distance you from your authentic pleasure roads. No matter which road you choose.

below a  few consequences of an armored penis:
-Pain, blue balls,
-incapacity of ejaculating with a lover,
-overall insensitive or high sensitive,
-premature ejaculation, 
-rubbing harder and longer in order to ejaculate, retarded ejaculation
-not feeling satisfied with sexual intercourse,
-having to concentrate quite a lot in order to orgasm
-blaming your partners, your life for not being satisfied
-feeling anger towards partners and inability to feel intimate, create deeper connections
-immense frustrations or needy behaviour
-auto sabotage and resistance to absolutely any proposal related to the personal sexual behaviour.


BENEFITS of penis de-armouring include:

– keeping your penis hard, alive, sensitive and potent
_Increases the sensitive and sensations in the sexual organs or in other parts of the body
-Your body feels that pleasure can be effortless and you will experiment different states of pleasure expansion
-increasing your confidence as a lover and a erotic being
-helping you with different types of sexual dysfunctions
-Sexual and erotic fulfilment
– increasing the size of your penis ( blood circulation)
-You learn to express and ask for what you really enjoy and want, instead of what society or friends have showed you should like 
-Less and less addicted behaviors towards orgasms 
-Mindset change and HUGE pleasure expansion, More orgasms, including feeling full body orgasms 

This process is vital for ALL individuals with a penis and is recommended to be  done from time to time as a regular practise to make sure the energy flow is abundant. You can learn how to practice on your own self , teach partners to do it on you.


Do I need a vagina De-Armouring?

Each time you experience emotional or physical pain, armour is created in the body, in order to protect you from feeling pain, from suffering. It also protects you from feeling more pleasure, love, self confidence. The stored emotions and armours affects all present and future relationships.

Usually we stock our pain/emotions in our most deepest spaces: our orifices and vital organs.

Symptoms of an armoured yoni ( vagina) include:

– Hard tissue along the walls of the yoni
– Small grain-like lumps
– Numb areas or total numbness
– Dryness
– Contracted and hard inner muscles
– Over sensitive cervix
– Pain during love-making
– Inability to experience deep yoni orgasms, or G-spot and full body orgasms
-No orgasms at all
-A need to rub your clit hard (as the only way for you to climax).


– soft, velvety, juicy
– sensitive
able to feel deeper pleasure all over your body
-no more pain during sex
-deep internal orgasms
-less infections
-relaxed clitoris hook
-feeling empowered
-more feminine 



Do you work with chronic illness, sexual pathologies or injuries?

-I do. However, if you have a strong condition, it’s best we arrange a Zoom/ video call consultation prior to scheduling a session.

why people employ sexological bodywork

• Difficulties in becoming aroused
• Lack of sex drive
• Orgasm training
• Erectile dysfunction
• Premature ejaculation
• Pain during intercourse
• General physical blocks or pain
• Regaining sexual function and the ability to feel pleasure
– after birth
– after surgery
• Understanding anal health and genital pleasure
• Couples interested in enhancing their sex life
• Wishing to learn how to give and accept sensuality and touch
• Self-acceptance of one’s own body and gender
• Learning to accept and love sexuality

How many sessions can I have? Do you offer follow up sessions?

-If time and availability permits 3-5 sessions is ideal to start. You can receive up to a 4 hour long session in one day. Usually  my clients choose a 5 session pack followed by a second one. The minimum amount of time between the sessions is 5 days. I can also offer skype and zoom sessions online.

Can I come only for an intimate massage? Are you naked during the sessions?

I offer Tantra energy & intimate body massage, Taoist genital massage, pleasure mapping, external and internal anus massage, genital De-armouring, internal throat De-armouring and different kind of yoni and Lingam massages for women, men, all gender and couples.  If you’re new to this work, you need first to commit with 3 to 5 sessions prior any intimate session. This is needed to release tension and emotions as well as to activate your body to reach expansion. It isn’t about getting a passive massage. It’s about an evolving process towards self empowerment, infinite pleasure, bliss and deep connection to yourself. And…No. I’m not naked during sessions.

What is the cancellation policy?

 You may cancel your session(s) up to 3 days prior to the scheduled date(s) for a full refund less any credit card or Paypal processing fees if applied. In some cases, the room rental fees are hourly and non-refundable. This will also be deducted, if this is the case.

Cancellations less than 2 days ( 48 full hours) to your session(s) are non-refundable. You may re-schedule or transfer the scheduled session onto a friend up to 48 hours prior by emailing In this case, full contact details must be provided. In case you do not re-schedule, neither transfer to a friend, cancellations will be fully charged.