Men's Challenge

Do you want to experience more physical pleasure without feeling guilty? Are you feeling like something might be wrong with you, your body or your sex life in general ?

Well…You’re not alone.

And the good news is that in most of the cases It can be solved permanently, and in a very easy way. Much easier and pleasurable than you would think.

As a medical referral expert, I believe that addressing both the body and mind can help overcome sexual challenges. My science-based 3 STEPS PROGRAM for nervous system training can effectively help overcome psychosomatic challenges.

Studies find that around 52% of men experience some form of sexual dysfunction
(Massachusetts Male Aging Study: HA Feldman, I Goldstein, DG Hatzichristou, RJ Krane, JB McKinlay)

Different people, very different stories, the same challenges. Solved...

I have helped men achieve natural, healthy, and peaceful sexual experiences.
The most common problems I have encountered are:

Yourself first!

Train your nervous system for pleasure using Cutting edge neuroplasticity and Body Awareness Practices: The only complete Cognitive-behavioral method to solve problems permanently in a lightful and progressive way. And it ‘s delicious! Unleash your potential




Feel more sensations. Conquer challenges with personalized exercises that grow your physical abilities and pleasure. Watch as your body’s capacity for pleasure increases over time.


Explore your sensuality, expand your touch repertoire, and refine the quality of your touch with personal coaching sessions tailored to your needs. Discover what brings you pleasure and how you desire to be touched. Find more satisfaction in life!


Learn how to trust yourself and allow your nervous system to be trained for maximum pleasure. Sustain this state in all life circumstances, whether alone or with a partner, and experience more powerful orgasms, joy, and fulfillment.


Bruno, 44, St. Gall, Switzerland

“I had been struggling to achieve an erection for many years, but I never really thought of it as a problem since I was always focused on pleasing my partner. She was happy, I was overall happy. However, when my body wasn’t reacting as fast as it used to and I couldn’t sustain my erections without medication, I realized that it was time to seek help. I was worried that my partner would think less of me if I expressed my desires, but the BodyPlease program made me feel immediately comfortable. After just one session, I began to notice and feel pleasure in different ways. And, with daily “homeplay,” as Cristiana calls it, I was surprised to find that I was able to achieve a natural erection by exploring my own body. I felt new emotions and sensations and was able to appreciate the feeling of pleasure without feeling the need to give in order to receive.”

Alessandro, Lausanne, Switzerland

I was totally frustrated and angry about my sexual relationship with my wife, so I contacted you. At first, I wasn’t sure if this program was for men too. I didn’t think a woman could understand how I felt. But I decided to try it anyway because the idea of training my nervous system sounded interesting. I did five online sessions and then five sessions with my partner. Even though I didn’t fully understand what was happening, I felt a new physical pleasure with myself that I’d never felt before!

I really liked your approach and the way you taught me and then , us. I appreciated that you suggested I invite my partner to the sessions, and I felt safe with the way you explained things. You took my concerns seriously and were very practical about everything. Thank you so much!

Lucas, 36, Lausanne , Switzerland

I was in a very stressful situation after my testicle operation. The embarrassment was huge, and I couldn’t feel my skin anymore. It was difficult for me to talk about it with anyone due to a lot of shame. My doctor suggested that I find a masseuse, and that’s why I called you. I thought you gave massages, and I’m so happy I met you.

You are very professional and were able to make me feel super normal, at ease, and light again. The training is stunning. In only three months, I got my sensations back, had erections, and no shame. I gained body confidence and learned about my pleasure anatomy and how to deal with stress and scar tissue remediation. I never thought it was possible to treat.

After four online sessions, we had one session in person, and you suggested a massage. For me, it was the first experience with so many stimuli. I was entirely ready for it, breathing, moving, enjoying. I learned so much and recommended you to my doctor. I know you could help many more men like me after this. Thank you forever.

Manu, 36, homosexuel, transgender man, Switzerland

I am a homosexual and transgender client. I was very afraid of penetration and didn’t want to be touched by anyone anymore. I was very stressed and had confidence issues. But thanks to the training of my nervous system, I was able to overcome my fears and challenges. I learned to self-regulate and touch myself. I also learned to explore my own body and discover new sensations. Cristiana is an incredible professional and she helped me feel safe and comfortable throughout the whole process. I never once felt uncomfortable with her. I think this service should be recognized and supported by all doctors. Strength and courage to everyone!


Using cutting edge neuroplasticity and body awareness practices, pleasure training, touch skills education, self pelvic massage techniques, pleasure anatomy education and gentle guided audio sessions, you have the tools to explore your own sensual world in the comfort of your home.

If you are a person under stress or going through a difficult time: in recovery, post-operative, or in a period of grief or divorce, “This method maybe be the ultimate treat you’re looking for”.

With active listening, I will guide you towards a rediscovery of yourself and your own body. This method offers deep relaxation of the whole body, immediate well-being, self-confidence, joy, laughter, and lightness – nothing but pleasure.

As a professional trained in body approaches, trauma, and sexology, I am able to help you safely reconnect with your body without bias or judgment. This is not an escort service or related to sex work.

Pleasure is your birthright and a fundamental right recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). Do not spend another day leaving pleasure aside. I can accompany you.

About Cristiana:


I am an experienced Somatic Sexologist. I can help you reconnect with your intimacy, deepen your relationships, release blockages, and overcome sexual challenges to enjoy a fulfilling, epic sex life, regardless of your age or life stage.

In this program, I have included over 6 hours of training and practice, the best of the best, to help you have truly mind-blowing intimacy with a partner.

My program is based on the latest research in somato-sexology and neuroplasticity. These studies have shown that by focusing on our physical and emotional sensations, we can unlock a deeper understanding of ourselves and our desires.

My approach is inclusive and secure. Join me for a journey of self-discovery, joy, growth, and pleasure!!