women’s challenges

Do you think you don’t like sex? Well, you may not believe it, but you’re not alone.

“Until I was 22 years old, I didn’t have an orgasm, at 36 I thought not only that intimacy was overall boring, but I couldn’t even imagine my potential.” C. Bolli, your sexologist.

The truth is that people with vaginas enjoy sex, a lot. However, many are unfamiliar with orgasm and feel pressure to fake it or endure due to lack of education on pleasure. My mission is to teach natural and genuine intimacy, free from anxiety and frustration.

The only complete Cognitive-behavioral method to overcome challenges permanently

Studies show that around 43% of women suffer from sexual dysfunctions, with the most common being a lack of sexual interest and willingness.
(Menelaos Apostolou, Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology)

Most of women feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied

After having worked with many women, I realized that feeling fulfilled is neither easy nor common.

As women, we’ve been told that we should magically enjoy penetrative sex. We’ve thought that ‘real sex’ always involves penetration and if it’s not feeling amazing… There’s something wrong with us. (There’s no way the other person could have anything to do with it, right!?)

Most women endure, and suffer health challenges or discomfort that make intimacy a place they don’t want to go, such as for example…


Train and awake your nervous system for pleasure

One: Amplify

Feel more sensations and conquer challenges with personalized exercises that amplify your physical abilities and pleasure. Watch as your body’s capacity for pleasure increases over time.

Two: Experience

Explore your sensuality, expand your touch repertoire, and refine the quality of your touch with personal coaching sessions tailored to your needs. Discover what brings you pleasure and how you desire to be touched. Find more satisfaction in life!

Three: Sustain your choices & Pleasure

Learn how to trust yourself and allow your nervous system to be trained for maximum pleasure. Sustain this state in all life circumstances, whether alone or with a partner, and experience more powerful orgasms, joy, and fulfillment.


Alexandra, 38, Maine, USA

I Had Pain During Intercourse

For several years, I suffered from candidiasis and repeated urinary infections. I felt hopeless, with no pleasure in my body, only pain. However, after a 30-minute consultation, I knew that the method and the practitioner were the right choice for me. Through rewiring from within, getting knowledgeable about my nervous system, and learning how to ignite my fire without fear of pain, I felt emotionally supported and secure with the method. Cristiana and I adapted it to my body and restrictions, which was just what I needed. The three-month coaching, where we went through my highs and lows together, was vital. I felt supported and allowed myself to start feeling more, creating new meaning to my body pain. I had 5 online sessions with Cristiana.

It was a healing process, although she says she does not heal anybody, I felt healed. Thanks to her support, my self-confidence improved, I experienced less fear, and I learned how to open myself up to feeling more. It was a reawakening of my entire body. Now, I can make love and enjoy it, and I am more relaxed.

Julia, 55, Aarau, Switzerland

Years of Blockage – Overcoming Abuse and Rediscovering Pleasure

For years, I endured psychological violence and physical harassment in my marriage. I felt weak and believed that pleasure was something reserved for others, not for me. After ten years alone and going through menopause, I thought that was it for me.

But then, I came across Cristiana’s program and decided to give it a try. It was a life-changing experience! I learned how to quiet my mind and connect with my body, step by step, slowly teaching myself to feel safe and that pleasure is possible.

In the past, I had dark thoughts and taboos, which made me feel guilty and ashamed. I never experienced great orgasms, nor did I believe it was possible. Pleasure was not important to me.

Initially, I was skeptical about collaborating with Cristiana and her orgasmic ideas. However, to my surprise, thanks to her support and her beautiful program, I have been able to enjoy orgasm, make love with my partner without needing to think of anything, and choose what I like.

I highly encourage all women who have experienced abuse or trauma to go through this program. The program respects your pace. its an entirely new approach.

Solene, 35 Geneva, Switzerland

I’m a professional dancer and i relate with my body all the time. i had little self-esteem and I was ashamed of my vagina.

I had this story that my vagina had big lips and it was ugly. I was ashamed. Through the program. I allowed at each session to feel so many different sensations in my body . the home play was fantastic. juicy, cute, fun. I immediately felt at ease. the whatsapp contact motivates and sustains throughout the program…and by the end of it my troubles were gone! like magic. I learned so much in a joyful, delicious way. Thank you!!!!

Maira, 42 Zurich, Switzerland

As a transgender woman, I’ve been through a lot of changes in my body, including surgeries and hormone treatments. The process of transitioning has been both challenging and overwhelming. Discovering this program and receiving support from Cristiana has been a huge relief. A clinical sexologist recommended this program, and for the first time in years of struggling with my body, I’m able to experience and learn how to love my new body. The scar tissue remediation module that Cristiana prepared for me was stunning and has been crucial on my journey. What I appreciate the most is that everything I learned is mine to keep and use for the rest of my life.

Using cutting edge neuroplasticity and body awareness practices, pleasure training, touch skills education, self pelvic massage techniques, pleasure anatomy education and gentle guided audio sessions, you have the tools to explore your own internal world in the comfort of your home. This allows you to go at your own pace and expand your capacity for internal sensitivity and deeper orgasms over time, without needing to keep paying every year for practitioner countless sessions.

Here's why...you may feel lost in your desire:

Sometimes we have pelvic tension, which impacts blood flow:

When there’s less blood flow in the area, we’re less likely to feel sensitivity and pleasure, which will make orgasm more difficult.

We might not be ‘warmed up’ enough for the arousal processes to be happening:

Female bodies need time to be aroused enough for penetration. We need erectile tissue to engorge, we need ‘vaginal tenting’ to happen where the cervix moves back and up to make more space. Foreplay!)

Maybe we're with someone who is just focused on their own pleasure:

If your partner is pretty focused on getting to their own goal, and they’re not that interested in giving you pleasure, it’s likely that intimacy isn’t going to feel great for you (and of course you won’t feel inspired to go there often!)

Sometimes the sex is just over too soon for us to fully relax into the experience:

Even once penetration is happening, it can take time to soften, to receive the penetration, to allow our bodies to open into it. (It can take quite a few minutes of gentle penetration just to get warmed up properly!)

Do you want to feel more pleasure right now?


About Cristiana:


I am an experienced Somatic Sexologist. I can help you reconnect with your intimacy, deepen your relationships, release blockages, and overcome sexual challenges to enjoy a fulfilling, epic sex life, regardless of your age or life stage.

In this program, I have included over 6 hours of training and practice, the best of the best, to help you have truly mind-blowing intimacy with a partner.

My program is based on the latest research in somato-sexology and neuroplasticity. These studies have shown that by focusing on our physical and emotional sensations, we can unlock a deeper understanding of ourselves and our desires.

My approach is inclusive and secure. Join me for a journey of self-discovery, joy, growth, and pleasure!!