Are you facing challenges with intimacy in your relationship and want to resolve them?

Rekindling Desire.

In a relationship, someone who is ‘quiet quitting’ might have given up on anything changing. They’ve likely stopped putting much effort in, and they’re just doing what’s needed to get by. It’s kind of the opposite of thriving.
Train your nervous system for pleasure using Cutting edge neuroplasticity and Body Awareness Practices: The only complete Cognitive-behavioral method, based on pleasure. Overcome your couple’s challenges permanently in a lightful, progressive way. And it ‘s delicious!
About 80% of couples regularly experience a desire discrepancy. One partner wants to, and the other doesn't. It happens a lot more than you think. Research shows that up to 80% of couples regularly experience situations where one partner wants to have sex and the other doesn't
(Day, Muise, Joel, & Impett, 2015)

My Somatic couple’s approach is focused on pleasure & intimacy.

Challenges can bring unity, and this can be the beginning of a new path towards harmony. I see it as an opportunity for improving intimacy, erotic communication, and pleasure skills.

My mission is to make sure that you can experience intimacy fully and harmoniously.

Unleash your potential

The COUPLE course helps you:


Train and awake Your Nervous System for Pleasure


Feel more sensations and conquer challenges with personalized exercises that amplify your physical abilities and pleasure. Watch as your body’s capacity for pleasure increases over time.


Explore your sensuality, expand your touch repertoire, and refine the quality of your touch with personal coaching sessions tailored to your needs. Discover what brings you pleasure and how you desire to be touched. Find more satisfaction in life!


Learn how to trust yourself and allow your nervous system to be trained for maximum pleasure. Sustain this state in all life circumstances, whether alone or with a partner, and experience more powerful orgasms, joy, and fulfillment.

Using cutting edge neuroplasticity and body awareness practices, pleasure training, touch skills education, self pelvic massage techniques, pleasure anatomy education and gentle guided audio sessions, you have the tools to explore your intimacy in the comfort of your home.

This allows you to go at your own pace and expand your capacity for internal sensitivity, deeper connection and orgasms over time, without needing to keep exposing your couple to seminars, retreats and endless talk therapy sessions. It’s empowering.


Sylvia & Mark. 56 and 61, Zurich, Switzerland

My Relationship Was Broken

Due to a Lack of Intimacy I was worried that my relationship was ending. I felt fatigued and unsure of what to do. I reached out to you for help with my husband, but I discovered that I was the one who needed to reignite my passion.

I was nervous about trying something new, but you explained everything and gave me a plan that I could modify as needed. It was an incredible journey that helped me realize my desires and improve my communication with my partner. He learned to listen to me, and we now have a wonderful and fulfilling intimacy that surpasses what we had when we were young!

I am grateful for the yearly “refresh” sessions that you created for us. They are special and help keep our relationship strong.

Anita & Mario 52 and 57, Milano, Italy
Oh, Cristiana, thank you so much! We came to you because we wanted to improve our touch skills, and you proposed the program…and we embraced it. Through five online sessions this winter, we not only became more skilled, but we also had so much fun in each session. Our room became a theater of desires and mutual exploration. This thing of training the nervous system for pleasure is so potent!!!!! After each session on Friday, we would go out for dinneror a walk and then come back home and connect. It was our date night. With the little shower, the washing machine, the rainbow touch, and many other funny and delicious experiences, we grew even closer. Thank you for these moments and teachings.
José 45 and Marta 39, Valencia, Spain

“We’re a traditional couple, religious, and we had a lot of blockages in contacting a sexologist. We believe in the family, and after giving birth to our 4th child, Marta didn’t want to be touched anymore. She had zero desire, and our prayers were to maintain the balance in our couple. We came across Cristiana in a coffee shop, totally by chance. After that friendly talk, we decided to contact her and try her online program.

The fact that this is science-based, a training in intimacy and communication on top of the nervous system, was very important to us. We’re now going to our 5th child, and Marta is feeling great. We never thought rekindling desire could be so delicious and easy. It’s fun. I was afraid my wife was going to be depressed or just blocked for life, but together, I learned to listen to her requests, even if they seem simple or unimportant to me. I learned how to touch her, and she learned how to communicate her needs. Thank you, Cristiana!”

Melissa 38 , Saskia 46, lesbian couple,Switzerland

“We are Melissa and Saskia, a lesbian couple from Geneva, Switzerland. We wanted to build the intimate connection we always dreamed of, free from normative scripts. Through the program, we learned about body pleasure anatomy, communicating our desires, and learning to say no. We felt much more connected to each other and to a third entity, the intimacy we created. The program was structured from the first module of touch to movements, breath, putting it all together, sharing with the loving one, and consent in our bodies. This was a sexual revolution!

Thank you so much, Cristiana.”

If you’re both high achievers who strive for the best and need total
privacy in a wow-worthy location, I’ve got you covered.


Experience a private retreat with VIP journey. Define your period of time based on your intentions and enjoy a weekend or a few days of novelty, dedication, and privacy.

GOOD NEWS: Your Sex Life can become mindful and a potent healing tool as long as it has certain elements in it.
The program has 4 modules and covers both theory and practical aspects, such as massages, genital anatomy mapping, pelvic floor exercises, somatic consent, sensual movements, expanding your repertoire, relaxation techniques through breathwork, tension release, and meditation classes.

If the science element of somatic sexuality bothers you, remember that it’s like yoga. You can do the exercises without worrying about the science, and many people do it for the pleasure, sexiness, and mindfulness.

I have worked with couples and individuals to improve their sexual connection, body awareness, and exploration of pleasure. Private coaching offers personalized guidance to boost confidence and enhance relationships. Retreats can be held in various locations, including your own home!


Antonia, 36, and Natale, 41, from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

After watching the Goop series on Netflix, we wanted to find a somatic sexologist who was open to the world and with whom we could share our culture. As we travel a lot, we wanted to spice up our relationship without breaking it apart. We were afraid of going to a swingers club and damaging our relationship, so we sought a sense of high class, great quality, exclusivity, and discretion. We wanted a tailor-made experience.

We had 10 sessions over 4 days in a beautiful beach bungalow in the Ubatuba region of Brazil. You not only helped us gain confidence, play together, communicate, and grow intimacy but also supported us after our private retreat, during our experimentation phase in clubs and even BDSM. It was a pleasure and deliciousness as promised all the way. We highly recommend your services.


I am an experienced Somatic Sexologist. I can help you reconnect with your intimacy, deepen your relationships, release blockages, and overcome sexual challenges to enjoy a fulfilling, epic sex life, regardless of your age or life stage.

In this program, I have included over 6 hours of training and practice, the best of the best, to help you have truly mind-blowing intimacy with a partner.

My program is based on the latest research in somato-sexology and neuroplasticity. These studies have shown that by focusing on our physical and emotional sensations, we can unlock a deeper understanding of ourselves and our desires.

My approach is inclusive and secure. Join me for a journey of self-discovery, joy, growth, and pleasure!!